Synthetic Filaments


Synthetic Filaments

Novofil NN (Standard synthetic filament for strip brushes)
Basic material PA6, good wear resistance and bent recovery, temperature resistant up to about 80°C, various applications.

Novofil NM/NH
PA 6.6 (NM) respectively 6.10 oder 6.12 (NH), improved wear-resistance compared to PA6, good resistance against alkalines and oil-based emulsions.

Novofil PR
Polypropylene bristle, very good resistance against many alkaline and acid solutions, but has lower temperature resistance and inferior mechanical properties compared to polyamide.

Novofil PT
Polyester bristle, temperature resistance up to about 100°C, low humidity and very good bend recovery in wet applications.

Novofil NH-S/NH-A
Abrasive Polyamide bristle with SIC- or AO-grains in various grit-sizes, used for deburring, surface finishing or heavy cleaning applications.

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